Got my JD kit today!

OK, doing all kinds of upgrades in the off season for my new WR450. I have already done the Powercore4, this weekend I will add the quiet core insert and today, I just received my JD jetting kit and will install it this weekend. This forum has praised this kit pretty heavily. So I'll see what this kit is all about. I have been collecting data as to where I should put the clip and red or blue. I will start with the 170 jey, blue needle in clip pos #3. Did order a Zip Ty fuel screw, although, I have an extended screw a good riding buddy (thanks Larry:thumbsup: ) made for me. I'm considering the YZ camshaft next, but thats in the air still. OK, this thing had better roost dirt in "yards":applause:

Cool! Let us know what you think after your first ride with all the goodies!:cry:

I did the same, but also went with a 40 leak jet to get rid of the off idle bog. Also went with a 48 pilot and 100 air jet for this winter.

Cool! Let us know what you think after your first ride with all the goodies!:cry:

OK, got it all done. Indy, thanks for your suggestions and the link on the "quiet core insert" for my new FMF Powercore4. I installed just the muffler and was alittle dissapointed as to how loud is sounded. Well, its sounds so much better with this insert and was just the sound I was looking for too. I think it will be just fine! I also did the JD jet kit. Been collecting data from other riders in here and taking in Mr Deans recommendations, my conclusion was the blue needle, clip in the #3 postion, the 170 main jet, and the fuel screw out 1.75 turns. Original screw was only out 1.25. It started right up, sounds really nice, no hiccup (bog) and good of snap/throttle response. Now I just zipped it to the mail box and grabbed the paper, but it has good response. It will be a while before I give it the heavy duty load test. And while I was tearing it all apart, I went ahead and replaced the pesky water pump seal which dribbled everytime I started it and when it cooled down. So I have no more goodies to add now and that pesky coolant leak is fixed! Its in top shape again. But it only has 110 miles on it anyway! :cry:

Yeah I really like the throaty sound of the PC4 with the quiet core insert! :cry: Just right! Your jetting looks close to what others are using. If you develop a bog in colder weather go bigger on the pilot and the #40 leak jet. :cry:

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