Crankcase breather routing

Has anyone routed the crankcase breather differently on a YZF, I sold my 426 to a rancher, and he keeps it in a grage, but it gets cold in there too. BUt my problem is that the moisture coming from the crankcase freezes in the breather tube resulting in a cloged breather, and he was riding it yesterday he didnt relize it was clogged, and it blew the valve cover gasket (half moon part) out of the head. so my question is has anyone routed it more like the hondas, where the air goes to the air box and thy oil and condensation drip out a different tube??



I tried, but it's a biotch to find tubing that will hold up to the abuse.

why is it abused?

Nobody has re-routed there breather tube??? :cry:

I know of someone who reroutes the breathers of all his YZFs by running the stock breather hose to the air boot just above the carb air inlet neck. He used an automotive air tube filter that connects the hose from a V8 valve cover to the air cleaner cut away the part that holds the filter, and glued it to the inside of the air boot. He doesn't run a moisture drain of any kind out of it, though.

i have a friend that has don it on his WR and used the stock yube and ran it to the air box drain, however, i would perfer to hava som type of drain out of there if it were me so you could rig up a "T" for a drain or something or drill another hole in the bottom of the air box.

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