Devol vs Unabiker vs ??

I'm sure it's been debated before but I have narrowed it down to these two rad guards. Anybody care to offer up a comparison? Fit? Protection? Quality? Flexibility? For the wr450, if I go up in tank size to the Acerbis 3.4 do both fit?

I have a 3.4 gallon GYTR tank and the Unabiker design will not fit it. I use the Devols with works connection braces bolted to them modified to fit my tank. The unabiker design is real good concept with the brace and guard integrated into one solid guard. It is not designed to work on aftermarket tanks. :cry:

I have unibikers and started putting on a acerbis 3.4 last night.the gards will fit with a little bending on the right side.

05 wr 450

O5 mounting clearances must be slightly different for my 03.:cry:

I did not know the GYTR tank fit the 05's Do they have 05 versions out already?:cry:

I think its the tank for 03 YZF.

devols are good and strong but offer no side impact protection..

I have had Devol's guards but noticed side impact dings on my 03. So now I have the Unibiker guards for my 05 and they completely cover the sides and offer much more protection and strength. Just look at the rear braces for both units! I would think you could grind or cut a lot of material off to get aftermarket tanks to work and still have plenty of protection. After all were not going to fall down anyway?

I installed Devol's rad guards on both my 04's. The WR250 was the worst for trying to tighten (let alone insert) the frame upper bolt. The 450 had a little more space to operate in. I had to use a combination screw driver/socket extention to get it done.

Now that they are on I am pleased with the protection, sides and front from what I can see. By the way there is an ebay auction for a set for $20 right now! See

We shall see how they perform.

Unabiker for sure. He's a TT member and sponsor...not to mention, his design is the best going.

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