What Chain Lube do you Run?

WD-40, cause I get it for free, and it works good enough.

Motul Off-Road Chain Lube. Its the shit. Works great.

Yup.. that stuff is the best i've used so far. Maxima, Bel-Ray, PJ-1 all suck in comparison. I've used WD-40 but it just dosen't stay. It's not thick enough to pad the rollers where they meet the sprocket. That's why my girlfriend is getting a new sprocket for her "04 yz250f thats already worn out... all she used was WD-40 and was religous about it. I'm on the same sprocket with no signs of wear and I've been using the Motul off-road. It might not be as clean as the WD but IMO it provides far better protection than WD.

As far as the oring's wearing out who cares... if your sprockets wear out then you'll most likely be replacing both anyway.

I use either CRC's White lithium grease or Permatex Ultra slick. So far i haven't had any problems been using the lithium grease for years. Just started using the Ultra Slick, they both seem to repel the dust pretty well.

I agree with sanpedro426. Wipe it clean with a lintless rag and leave it alone! No wd40

wd40 after washing to stop rust and then nothing at the track.

I run a x-ring chain and all my tracks are sand, any chain lube quickly catches the sand and becomes grinding paste.

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