Crush washers for front brake line

I'm about to replace the line on my 2000 yz426. I'm assuming the crush washers are going to need replacing, can anyone advise what size they are so I can get some from Napa?


I dunno for sure, but they usually come with the brakeline. Also make sure that if you are replacing the OEM WR line with a "regular" one that you have another banjo bolt & washers for it, as the OEM line has a different style end on it (straight screw-in w/ big rubber thingy).

Edit: Oops, I forgot I wasn't in the WR forum... What type of end does the OEM YZ line have on it's master cylinder side?

I believe its the Banjo style. The bolts look like they're usable with the replacement stainless line I bought, but I dont think it came with the crush washers.

I'm replacing the stocker with a Ride Engineering stainless line, so if anyone knows if they include the crush washers then please advise.


Edit: I found out they are 10mm Banjo crush washers for anyone else interested. Now..... are these just regular crush washers or are they special cause they're 'Banjo crush washers'?

They might be specific for banjo bolts, as the inner & outer diameters are so close to one another. I'd say if you take the line & or bolt to your local shop they'll sort you out with no problems.:cry:

Any auto parts store should have them. They are not specific or trick! Just take in your banjo bolt and match it as close as possible. Much cheaper too.

i put a galfer line on my yz and you can reuse the old copper washer if you want.. but if want to replace any auto parts store should have them like said above.

Go to Autozone - cheapest place to have them in stock.

They are 10.3mm ID crush washers (copper).

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