YZ to WR cam difficutly rating.

For someone that can do regular maintance on a bike but doesn't haven't an honorary degree from the motorcycle institute; on a scale of 1 to 5, 5 being the highest, how difficult is that swap?

Swapping the cam is fairly simple. You will need a GOOD torque wrench though. One that will accuratly go down to I believe 89 INCH POUNDS.. Not foot pounds to retourque the cam caps. This is very critical!!! As far as the rest of the job just follow the manual. You must find top dead center before you remove the cam. In my experience you have to loosen and romove both cam caps to get the chain off of the exhuast cam. I would suggest that you mark both of the cams and the timing chain where it lines up on the cam gear before you remove anything. This way you will know that you did not accidentaly jump a tooth on the intake cam. All this, of coarse, after you have found top dead center. Just read the manual. If you are not comfortable with it at that point talk to a friend (that is familiar with the process) or mechanic about having it done. One other thing, if you do try this, there are some clips under the caps that line up the cams. be very carefull, when you pull of the caps, that you do not drop one of these clips down into the engine............. Good luck!! :cry: :cry:

Thank you for the advise. Not sure when I'm doing it but it will be soon. Lot's of good info in here on the cam swap.

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