2 trac wr 450 available NOW on cycletrader

No thanks!:cry: I have seen that this year David Fretigne has run the single wheel drive WR450 more than the 2 wheel drive in the Dakar so far! He has won 3 stages on rear wheel drive only. He is 5th overall against all those big bore 660 KTMs and he is still number one in his engine class !:cry:

Funny, The site lists it as a 2K5 model year bike, yet it has the '04 brake routing & left side # plate without the hand cut-out...:cry:


Motorcycle brokers claims to have to bikes available. What gives?

I spoke to the guy a couple of weeks ago. He imports them from Europe. He says it only takes 2 weeks for delivery but you have to pay full cash when you order and there is no warranty on the bike.

Hell for $12,000 you think he would take a check?

I read about those in a magazine. No thanks. Too much money and way to complicated for my liking.

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