Attention all YZF owners, I need help

Ok, well some people here know that I was stripping my frame and I also had to do a valve adjustment and ran into a problem. The cam timing....I get the basics like opening up the two holes on the crankcase to line everything up, I went to ThumperFaq Yamaha and saw how to do the cam timing. The problem is actually lining it up for TDC so I know where to put the chain on the cams to get the two punch marks lined up with the head. the FAQ says to move the crank till you have a "I" not the "H". I cant find the "I". If you guys understand me, could you lead me in the right direction. And dont give me any of that bring it in to the shop crap, I dont trust the locals to do a good job. Plus, I'm learning about the 4-strokers and I will be going to MMI(Motorcycle Mechanics Institute) after I'm done with highschool. Any help would be great and thanks in advance.

anyone? I want to get it running before tomarrow so any, any info would be great. I dont see an "I", all I see are the, I think, part numbers and a box with water in, it looking thingy.

lol, sorry, I looked just now and found the I lol. Thanks for the help. So now, I put the cams back lined up and everything will be all good? By the way, just curious, have any idea why they put a punch mark on the flywheel?

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