Acerbis Tank ?

How did you all route the cross over fuel line?

I run it over the top of the carb intake between the air box and the carb.

The lines they provide are too short. I bought new rubber fuel line at McMaster Carr and replace the y tee with a brass t from McMaster Carr. The y tee gets brittle and breaks after some time and is pointing the wrong direction for routing. Bring the opposite line right beside the TPS and put the T over the carb fuel elbow with a short line. I also got real small screw clamps. In fact I got so much real cheap due to minimum qty item orders just PM me with a mailing address and I will send you some extra line and clamps!:cry:

Thank you Indy.I was thinking about getting a tee the Y looked to fragile to me also.I can go to the auto parts store and get the clamps,Thanks for the offer

Are there any tanks out now that add more than .6 gallons over the stock one?

thanks in advance...

The 3.4 Gallon GYTR adds .8 gallons. Worth every penny in my opinion. I wish it was a 3.6 gallon but that is pretty close to perfect size. :cry:

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