Got tired of hunting for the 10 40 RED cap and the MX4T :cry: :cry: So, i found some AMSOIL 4stroke 10w 40 full synthetic. Ill let you guys know how it feels and stuff.:cry: :cry:

OK guys and gals, i got to go ride with my son today and the AMSOIL sinthetic 4stroke 10w40 KICKS A$$ i had to lower the idle a smidge. It must be some slippery stuff. NO clutch probs to report. Anyway im an AMSOIL man now. Its $8 bucks a quart but i like it. It also seemed to make the engine happy buy making it a little quieter mechanicaly. :cry::cry::cry::cry::cry:

The Amsoil is real good stuff, I know people that use that oil in everything. I guess your using the motorcycle Amsoil and not the automotive Amsoil...right?

what kind or riding are you even doing.? When you just play ride you may not notice it slipping as compared to on a track. i dunno? you didnt say how hard you were riding it.

Yes im useing the motorcycle oil. Went up a pretty steep 300 yard or so uphill with lose rocks and really rough stuff feathering the clutch from time to time, no problems. I may have been kinda nice to it because im coming back from some seperated ribs / sternum but im no slouch either. :cry:

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