YZ400 and YZ426 subframes

I'm working on a project and bought an aluminum sub-frame for the 400f and an airbox for the 426. Could not get the airbox into sub-frame so bought a 400f airbox. Same story. Looks like the mounts would line up to the box,rear fender and side # plates but will not go in. Also, I'd be interested in trading this aluminum sub-frame for a steel one. Thanks for any help.

You will have to use the 400 airbox because of the hotstart system on that bike.

You should be able to just swap everything over. make sure you are installing the airbox correctly. The sidepanels, rear fender, seat, exhaust is all the same from 98-02.

Try it again.

I have a YZ 400 subframe (steel) would be willing to swap.

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