Change from WR400F to WR250F or KTM 400/520 EXC

Hi guys

I have had my 1999 wr400f for nearly two years now and it has served me good. Im starting to win a lot more races now and thinking of getting a new bike. I have read that my bikes suspension is not the best and the bike is not the easiest to ride fast. I have been looking at getting a wr250f or a ktm 400/520 EXC. The KTM really looks like the best buy with everything it has, elec start, hyd clutch, good running gear and still a small bike. How much easier to ride faster would the 250f be, would I miss the power. What do u guys think?

THanks JAson


Im sure the WR250f would be just as capable as the 400. MOst people i know who have ridden one said they are a much easier bike to ride fast in the technical bits and they are definitely not short in the go department but you could be a bit dissapointed comparing it to your 400. Have a look at this writeup on the wr250f

The test rider has this to say:

"This bike will revolutionise the 4-stroke 250 dirtbike market. It is simply the biggest standout performer I have ridden this year. If I had to name my 'Bike of The Year' right now this would be it, simply because it absolutely annihilates anything else in its class."


Hope this helps

Dave VIC Australia

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