xr650r: what tools do you take along?

I'm trying to put together a "small" take along tool kit. I can see one is not getting the rear wheel off this bike without an open end wrench (12mm?) to get at the chain length adjusters (as well as a 27mm). Do you even bother and just bring a can of fix a flat? Aside from the basic 8, 10, 12mm, screw driver tips etc.

Whats in your tool kit on a 100 mile day?

Thanks for your opinions:D

Don't forget the Camelpak with 70oz. of Bud Light:thumbsup:

Just kidding about that last post, but yeah, it sounds like you've got everything set up quite well. I would definitely vouch for the fix-a-flat. I've been in sticky situations with each tire at one point or another and it's NO FUN at all riding back on rim....I'm sure you're aware of that though. Definitely bring a 10mm for the bars and whatever size is necessary for your upper and lower clamps if they're not stock. Also, if you're not running the stock chain, bring along a spare masterlink as well. And of course if you're by yourself, a phone, a GPS unit, and a .44 Magnum.

I carry two rachet drives and a small breaker bar. I carry sockets for Carb Jets 6mm, Rear axle bolt 32mm?, spark plug and also the standards 8mm 10mm 12mm 14mm. A set of box open end metic wrenches 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm. 14mm, 17mm. Metric Hex keys all sizes needed by the bike. Screw driver with all the different bits in the handle. A small vice grip pliar, Wire snips, needle nose and standard pliars. Basicly I can dismantle my bike in the field. I can fit most of these tools in tool wrap made me Chase Harper, which has a lifetime warrantee ( I already wore one out and they replaced it). I put the wrap and other tools in a Chase Harper rear fender bag (also has lifetime warrantee). I use a Chase Harper number plate bag that fits over the top of the headlight (yes Lifetime warrantee). I put maps, spare jets, compass, odds and ends in it. And a front fender bag which carries my spare tube and four tire irons. Plastic zip ties, bungee cords.

Im ready for pretty much anything. All this adds another 10lbs to the bike but it's worth it.

I also carry 4 or 5 of the BIG long zip ties like the ones used for flex duct so if I have a flat I can't fix I zip tie the tire to the rim and ride it back to the truck. This will help in not ruining your rim while riding on a flat.


Don't forget dental floss :cry:

Great tips guys, thank you. Keep 'em coming!

Tow Strap

Just in case

Leatherman, safety wire, small roll of duct tape... MONEY, about $30 in small bills.

You have to bring tools on an xr650r? :-)

I have a wrench that I welded together to fit both front and rear axles. The front axle wrench will also fit the carb drain to get at jets (fat chance with the flat ground up here) and to drain water from a submarine expedition.

My tire kit is a bunch of patches from 1" to 4" square, glue that is checked a few times a season for freshness. astem remover, spare nipple caps and valve, and a valve remover tool. I also carry the stem nuts to hold the tube in place and make things easier. Inflation is done by a CO2 inflator that also has a pump.

8,10, and 12 mm wrenches and sockets.

4" Vise Grips.

Gerber multitool

Zipties of several sizes.

4' of mechanics wire, duct tape, and matches. All contained in or wound around a film container.

Roll of black tape.

10 heavy blue paper shop towels and a couple pairs of blue medical gloves. Either for emergency or mechanicing. It's much cleaner on the bearings and seals to change a tire with the hub laying on a towel, and much eaiser on the 30 dollar riding gloves when you can wear the medical ones!

A basic first aid kit.

Batteries for the GPS and a compass.

Tires are my biggest worry. The XR is really that bulletproof for me!


Here's my list:


8" Motion Pro Enduro Pro tire irons

6 way spoke wrench

multi-bit screw driver

6" needle nose Vice Grips

combination wrenches, 8,10, 12 mm

6" adjustable wrench

folding metric allen key set

spark plug tool

T-handle wrench with 8,10,12 mm sockets

axle nut wrench 27mm X 17mm

valve stem remover

bicycle air pump

low pressure tire gauge

tow strap

small flashlight

Swiss Army knife



hose clamp

electrical tape

patch kit

epoxy putty

spark plug

small piece Velcro

6" pc heat shrink tubing

master link to fit chain

safety wire

safety pins

film container with a few nuts and bolts

On multi-day rides I'll include a small can of WD40.

Other items I usually bring either in my jacket or hydration pack include;

syphon hose

lense cleaner and tissue

imitation Leatherman tool

I use a Chase Harper fanny pack, http://www.chaseharper.com/FannyPacs/FannyPacs.htm .Mine is probably about 20 years old. It comes with a lifetime warranty. Inside the pack I use an MSR Toolwrap, http://www.msracing.com/msr.nsf/apparel/09A1D4981E4A738886256D89004E40B2?opendocument to keep the tools together.


i just take toilet paper.... :cry:

Any pics of these setups all packed ready to go? Just wondering how all these things fit in. :cry:

i just take toilet paper.... :cry:

I usually only take toilet paper too!

Well almost. I also have water in my camelbak, a cell phone, compass, a pocket knife, small first aid kit, sunscreen, compact survival blanket, and a map of ocotillo where I ride.

So far, I haven't needed any tools riding the 650 even on 100 mile loops. I leave the tools at the truck and ride with friends for the best security!!!

As a last resort there is a tall metal post in the Ocotillo desert with a big red button on it. The sign is written in both Spanish and English and simply states that you cannot walk to safety. You will die. Press the button for assistance. I suspect the Border Patrol would show up shortly!!! :cry:

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