red zip-ty 05 wr 450, help!

just installed the red today, a bit of a bitch but I took care of it myself. Not to sure on the tunnig, No JD kit yet. new bike never riden, getting ready for sunday. seemed to bog and pop once at throttle rap. elevation in my area is aprx. 200-500' a.s.l. what should i do? temp was aprx. 50deg.f in the garage this evening. no matter how mutch i turn the screw out it pretty much did the same thing. of course all the way in shuts down,


If you are running the 48 pilot try 1.5 to 2 turns from fully seated. Do not over tighten when seating and be careful to only turn the long screw. It can break and leave the screw tip seized in your carb! :cry:

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