Magura Clutch

Does anyone know the correct needle length in the slave for a YZ426 2002 Magura Clutch, I suspect mine is to long and need to cut it down, Cheers in advance.:cry:

The slave cylinders all have about the same 1" stroke. I know the only difference is the mounting hardware from bike to bike. I would just look at making a custom bracket for your mount so that the stroke range is where you need it to be. :cry:

Hello mate, am I right in thinking the original cable bracket is incorrect for the fitting on the YZ??? :cry:

Most likely. My kit on mine never fit. My slave was hitting the starter motor. TheYZ has no starter motor and the WR does. I ordered the WR kit and the box had the WR450 model label on it. I suspect that you may have got one of their early release brackets before they figured out the mistake. They made a mistake on my model :cry:

That makes sense cause she has been a bitch to install, Do you know where to get the bracket from??

I ran the gamit with Lonnie over at Magura for the 04 YZ450f "Jack" kit. I was able to get mine to work without any modification to the brakcket.

YES...Magura does have those slave rods in just about every length you can imagine. I believe I had to get a 15 mm longer one. The most important thing is the angle in which it must be very linear. Any sort of binding and it will break mine Glamis.. :cry:

That is why I have designed my own pivoting rod mount to the clutch post! :cry:

While I redesigned my mount to clear the starter motor I took care of that design flaw. :cry:

It is so easy to get it right I wonder what Magura engineering is thinking! :cry:

Cheers gents for all the advice, glad someone else has felt my pain of trying to install something that was never designed to fit in the first place. :cry:

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