New cam going in tommorrow

I finally got it ,cant wait to get it in :cry::cry: any advise before I start

My advice; don't drop the half moon shaped retaining clips into the bottom end. When you re-fit the cam cover, put a small dab of grease on the clips to hold them in their grooves. Other than that, just be sure your entire work area is spotless, and if you follow the directions listed in the PDF file, you can't go wrong. Mine started first kick after the swap. :cry:

Print the 450 cam mod PDR file out, print out Motoman393's instructions on adjusting YZF valves, tabpe both of these to the side of the bike and go for it.

Oh yeah....and like Chris said....don't drop the clip on the left side of the cams down in the engine!! Stuff rags down in the valley around the cam chain and be looking for taht clip to jump out at you LOL!

Good Luck.

Finished Mine Last night....Although, I think I should have gotten the 200 Shims instead of the 195's, thats the only thing. I cant quite comprehend starting it with my hand like some other have professed, but, a tennis shoe yes. I was sooo Paranoid about the timing, I spent more time checking and double checking.....

I actually took my feeler guage, with the intake cam set, and went on the right side of the engine, where the lobes are, and used enough of the feeler guage to measue to the bottom of the hole in the lobe, and referenced it with the new exhaust cam, rather than relying on the eye for a symentrical view, I made sure the same amout of feeler guages stacked up, went to the bottom of the hole on the lobe on both cams, double checked timing again, and put it back together. Basically what you do, is lay the feeler guage on the head, and butt the end of the guages up against the lobe, and keep adding guages till they stack up to the bottom of the hole, then take that group of feeler guages, and lay it on the head by the exhaust lobe, and theres your measurement. Adjust the Exhaust cam so that the bottom of the hole in the lobe is at the feeler guage height. I do hear the chain, but just enough to let you know its there, no extra rattles, or anything, and it started right up...Definately make sure you double check the shims just before you put the cam cover on. I plan on tearing mine apart again after tomorrows ride to double check the clearance, and I think I will have to switch over to the 200 shims, other than that, I cant think of anything else....

OK cam is in and bike is running, I love the auto decomp. But I have a problem the dam thing ticks real bad, I thought I had the clearances set right but I guess not.

If it is ticking then you need to recheck the valves clearances. Others have dont the cam mod and had ticking afterwards. All of them found that the clearances were off. make sure you use a good feeler guage and you should get some resistance but it should not feel loose or nor should you have to force the guage in.

this from Motoman's website

"Using a feeler gauge, you should be able to check all your valve clearance numbers.

Start with the manual specs and shove the feeler gauge under the cam lobes. If it won't go under, go down until it does. If it goes in to easy, go up. I beleive there should be a slight resistance when checking the correct clearance but it should slide under the lobe.

Compare your numbers with the manual's specs. If they are not in specification, then you will need to change out your shims.

Make sure you keep track of which clearance measurement goes with each valve as you will have to match them up with shim numbers if you need to adjust them. That is all you need to do to check your clearance."

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