in the rocky mountain cat. they offer a titax chrome moly sprocket that looks very similar to the ironman and is only $49.99. are they the same quality? :cry:

I just ordered one. From what I understand they wear very well. I think wrooster in the 250f forum has that too. When i ordered they were gonna discontinue carrying the titax for some reason. You could only get certain sized sprockets, but that may have changed by now.

Doesn't anyone remember the post by the guy who's titax rear sprocket literally detonated into about 4-5 pieces in the first few rides? After seeing that, I really question how the quality can be there at the price. Personally, I don't think they are on the same level as the Ironmans from a quality standpoint. However, they do LOOK similiar or the same. I've be riding for 20+ years and I've never seen a sprocket come apart quite like that.

ya, i remember seeing the pics but wasn't that one of the aluminum models? the stainless self cleaning model they make looks good also @59.99. i guess we need to support the u.s. economy anyway not the czech rep. :cry:

hmmmmm. It may have be the aluminum one. Not 100% on that. But, for many things in life, you get what you pay for and I'm a little leary of cheap sprockets because of the stress they take. Maybe it was a one off, but who really knows.

it doesnt matter if you buy foreign made or patriotic product...tax is always reserved for the state and added import and profit price to the product provides salary to the us employed workers

broaden your horizont:)

I think the Titax stuff is fairly decent. I talked with one of the "big shots" at Rocky Montain about the entire product lines he is having made, including the sprokets. His reason behind all for this was to not screw America, but to be able to offer decent prices.

He told me that almost all of the suppliers have price minimums on goods that are sold. This includes boots, helmets, brake rotors...whatever. This is why most mail order prices are so similar.

He found several Czech. companies that will build products to his spec. Being that they are in house, he can charge whatever he wants for them. This lets them offer some really low cost options. He also told me if I was not happy with the Titax sproket I was looking at, I could return it and he would personally take me in the back room and let me select any brand I wanted at no extra charge.

I would not bother mentioning this, but the guy was very sincere. He is also a rider. His KTM had Titax sprokets, primary drive chain, and Titax brake rotors. The bike was hidden in the back. It was not a display piece. It had been ridden, and ridden hard.

For the most part, I agree with Brian. You do get what you pay for. The Titax stuff might be an exception.

I have an aluminum Titax rear sproket on my YZ 250. It has been ridden with for over a year. I am running one of the DID gold chains. The sproket is holding up very well.

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