getting a new bike...

i really wanted a WR 450 but thats just not gonna happen... insufficient funds

so i wanted to get a yz 250 or 450...

my question is: should i get a 250 and mod it out of get a 450 and leave it bone stock? but, i like trails not motocross and is the 4 gear setup on the 450 to hard to do when riding trails?

thanks guys

What bike have you been riding? You plan on riding only trails, no mx? Tight trails or fast single track?

The YZ 450 is a great bike, but if you are coming off of an XR and want a woods friendly bike (with manners like the XR), then the YZ ain't it. If you want a powerful, light, flickable HOSS, then the 450 can make you quite happy.

A bone stock YZ450 would be a handfull as a trail bike. At the very least you would want a heavier flywheel. You might also consider a rekluse auto clutch. As far as the 4 speed goes, IMO I don't think it's the ideal setup for trails, but with the broad power this bike has, it's workable.

Wait for the funds for a wr it is worth it

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