05 WR450 snorkle kit?

I'm a bit confused about the snorkle kit mod I keep reading about. Under the seat on my 05 WR450, I have two air inlets into the air box. Is that thing considered the snorkle kit? Its no taller than the air box sides, so to my little bird brain, it doesn't make sense to call it a snorkle, if its not snorkling anything higher up. :cry:

The reason I asked, is because I've read posts from people on here claiming that once you remove the snorkle, don't go through deep water, etc, etc. It doesn't seem like it'll affect the air inlet height at all to me.



I take out the tubes for more air flow. If water goes down there it has no place to drain out. If you check out the bottom of the air box towards the engine you will see a clear plastic tube over the airbox drain hole. I replace that with a Honda XR400 rubber air box flapper valve, which lets water out but not in and costs less than $10.00 or it did when I bought mine. When changing the filter I check the flapper for dirt and clean it if needed.

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