Thief Protection...

I'll never forget what it felt like to go down to the UG Parking and find my 650 Triumph Bonnevile had been stolen. Not nice!

Now I have recently picked up an 04 WR 250 for my son and an 04 WR 450 for my self ... what have you all done to protect your bikes from thieves?

Anybody hidden a kill switch?

Any locks that frame together the two bikes and are stonger than a bolt-cutter?


By the way, local insurance wants $900/year per bike for fire and theft! (BC)

i put padlocks in the brake rotors front and back and put it within reach of my chow when i go camping

I lock the rotor's, and buy full coverage insurance from State Farm. With a $500. ded. it is about $150. per year for my 05 wr450f...I have had two bike's riped off...not a nice feeling when you go to the garage, and there gone...Smitty

I put locks on the back sprockets and a kryptonite through the frame and to a poll in my shed. never chain through weel to anything as a thief will pull the weel off and still take the bike it happend to my friend. And my dog sleeps in my shed he is a pitbull x english mastive.

Is that him in the avatar?

Looks more like my wife's mother!

I use a 40 cal smith and :cry: wesson :cry::cry::cry:

I use a 40 cal smith and :cry: wesson :cry::cry::cry:

Nice caliber. I love the 40S&W. I have 3 of them, an H&K USP Glock 27 and my main carry is a Sig Sauer P229 in .40 with Trijicons sights. Of course, having a sticker on my windows next to the doors and on the garage that say: "Warning, dog eats everything owner shoots" helps too. A tight security system, a completely fenced in yard around the entire perimiter and good watchful neighbors! :cry:

personal arms are forbidden in Europe (except job related AK-47 :cry:), so I use 4 locks

front disc-lock, chain lock throught frame and around bike stand, chain lock around rear wheel and another fatty lock, that goes through unimaginably fat ring locknuted in the concrete wall

its never enough

first line of defense...keep quiet around your house, keep people uninformed of your actions

I think keeping people uninformed is a great idea. Most home robberies I hear of were usually never a random thing. Kids talking to kids who knows someone...

I run a decent sized chain through the frame. The chain ends up anchoring into a concrete anchor. I figure that the bad guy looking at it might go next door or down the street before he has to deal with my chain.

"Warning, dog eats everything owner shoots"

That's awesome! Where did you get it? :cry::cry:

insurance is the only real protection. if some one is set on getting your bike they will get it no matter what.

I was looking through the selection of hardened locks and cables on-line ... looks like $200 later you get a low end chain and lock! Ouch!

That's awesome! Where did you get it? :cry::cry:

I got it from the local gun show. It was a table full of bumper stickers. It was either the RKBA or the SAF table. Its actually a bumper sticker, but in the sticker is what is made to look like a wooden sign and it says that. I cut the wooden sign part out. It looks like factory warning stickers. I dont own a dog, but I do own a few guns. :cry:

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