Rekluse clutch cable

I'm in the process of installing my z-start and was wondering if the longer cable (that wasn't mentioned when I ordered) for the perch adjuster is needed? In the manual it says some wr450 will need a longer cable but doesn't say what year of bike, mines a 2003. Also how do you know if your bike has a clutch boss spring? Again it says not all wr have one. I looked in my manual and could not see one in the exploded view. I sure could use some help. :cry:

Never mind boys/or girls. I seemed to get it to reach. I started it up and put in gear and gave some gas and it did move forward.( in a small shed, at 11 o'clock at night, in town).Tomorrow I will give it a spin.

Did you get a chance to ride? I installed mine in Dec but have not had a chance to get out ride except in front of my friends shop where we installed it. I have a 2004 WR450 and I had enough cable. Let me know what you think. It suppose to warm up, its been well below zero here but today it was almost 40.

BigDavey make sure the clutch disengages fully when you rev the engine in gear. I had to go up a size on the throw out spacer( ball bearing) due to the difference in the clutch plates on my 04' that rekluse overlooked from the 03'.

Do these things have or can they be set up to exibit compression breaking? thanks, Matt

The nice thing about this clutch is you can set it up how you like it. Mine seems like normal as for the engine breaking. I started coasting down hills years ago for a challenge so now with this clutch I let it idle and I fly. To get engine braking I just crack the throttle and the clutch engauges and back to normal. With a spring adjustment system you can set your clutch up how you like it. I rode in the snow with it and had a blast! The bike was easier to control with this clutch and chopping the throttle to disengauge the clutch let the rear end turn instead of skidding so I had better control. Works the same in the mud too!

Duckboy thanks for the advice but I learned the hard way and to disassemble and switch the spacer.

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