Crashed the XRL, and I have a question

So I crashed the XR650L today, Besides the bumps and bruises I have, the bike held up well......Except the front tire isn't pointing the same way the handlebars are. Did I twist the fork tubes inside the triple clamp or what? How do I fix it, and is it very hard to get it alighned correctly?

Thanks in advance, I'll take some ibuprofen and attempt a fix.


Not that I ever crash .... but I always just loosen the triple clamp pinch bolts, put the wheel between my knees while standing in front of the bike and give the bars a couple of yanks. I have also done it several times without loosening the pinch bolts on a trailside to get going again in a hurry. It might take a couple of tries to get it right, but there isn't any magic to it. Your bars may also be bent though, so check them.

That happens to mine whenever I drop it good too. I just find a tree or a rock to smack it back in place. If you don't notice it before you get on the street again it is real strange to ride.

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