used xr650r?

does anyone know why it is so hard to find a used xr650r? here in southeast ohio it is virtually impossible.

Not many 650s sold in your area, lots for sale in the desert.Have one shipped to you???

Also from what I have personally seen is that the person who generally buys a 650R knows what they want and get them to keep. There are faster and lighter bikes out there but none have the character of the Big Red Tractor.

There are a few floating around here in Texas. I just kind of lucked across mine a couple of months ago. I wasn't necessarily looking for one, but it was too clean and too good of a price ($2,800) to pass up. My local dealer has a 2001 sitting on his showroom floor, so that tells you something.

An acquaintance of mine was trying to sell his awhile back, but I don't know what he ever did.

MY 650 is for sale check out my garage for info n pics would be willing to meet you in pa for pick up delviery later John

The Ask dealership in Groveport has 2 of them both are 2002s. Its on Hoover rd which is off 71 just south of columbus

I bought my 2000 model new last September. Dealers tend to make you a good deal on 4 year old models. Call around, you may be suprised.

I am in oh too. they are not a big seller around here like said before. I have seen a few around, just keep looking. you got a few months.

There are a few just south of you here in Central Kentucky. Let me know if you need the numbers.

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