I'm looking to replace my stock WR tank. Under consideration have been CLARK or IMS. But, I happened to notice a picture of Randy Hawkins' bike and it had a PIRIE tank on it. I did some searches on the net but could't find anything about it. Has anyone had any experience with this tank. Do you know where I can find any info. I'm looking for a tank that is more YZ like with the same or more capacity of the stock WR. I'm leaning towards IMS right now. HELP! Thanks, P :)

Ty Davis Tank.

It makes accessing the carb difficult though.


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Thanks Kevin.

My good friend Paul, What took you so long? I have the IMS 3 gallon, although this tank is WAY nicer than the stocker I don't think it's as nice as the Clark 3 gallon, I parked my bike next to a bike that had the Clark tank on it and I liked how it was really narrow on the top portion of the tank while my IMS kinda "mushrooms" out at the top. They feel about the same as far as width. Regarding the "TY" tank, my brother just put his on his WR250F, the tank is really nice but it's buldges out on the left side where your calf is, once I noticed it I couldnt stop thinking about it and started to bug me, when your riding with the ty tank it feels like a "triangle" shaped tank (if that makes sense). The choke lever is REALLY hidden deep and I had trouble finding it, but my brother tells me you get used to it. Paul, I have the YZF tank on my scoot and I absolutely love it, you'll need an SDG seat to complement your new tank so make sure you clear that with your better half.. :)

Hello Paul I just put on the new CLARKE TANK with the SDG SEAT. Just sitting on the bike feels much better than stock WR426 Tank.You can order the whole setup seat&tank combo from www.clarkemfg.com for about $244.00 I am going riding this weekend in Downieville (doing the DAVE WOOD RIDING SCHOOL) The tank mounted with no problems, I will check on how easy you can access the choke. I don't use the choke that often and replaced the hot start choke with the TY DAVIS handle bar mounted one. I have heard that the IMS tank only uses one bolt to hold it on (CAN ANY IMS TANK OWNERS VERIFY THIS) Either one should be a good choice. PS SDG seems alittle hard on the arse compared to stock.

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I have the IMS set up on my '99 WR - it only uses one mounting bolt & the petcock is on the right side of the engine. I have had no problems with the tank or seat base.

Harold in SoCal has the Ty tank and it was down right painful watching him have to dig for the choke or hotstart at Moab.


Paul, do yourself a favor and get the clarke tank. Great shape, ez access to the choke & hs, good fit, and the petcock is on the correct side.

More info here: http://www.thumpertalk.com/ubb/Forum3/HTML/004733.html

I had no problems what-so-ever with clarke, although others seem to have had a few. Maybe I just got lucky…

Thanks everyone. I will check out the Clark Tank. Although, I do have the Ty Davis Hot start on my bars so getting to the carb isn't too big a deal. I feel like an idiot because I didn't realize when I posted this that it was the Ty Davis tank. I have seen that before just forgot.(old age)! :D I can use that excuse now. :) Dan, when I started riding again last year I wasn't sure how much customizing I would need to do. I'm 6' tall so the the stock tank has been working for me. I'm starting to feel stronger and riding a more aggressively now so the tank will probably be more of a benefit than it would have this past year.

Ron, I will be there on the 17th so make plans my friend. See you on Friday. Paul

Ron & Paul, I think I missed the post on a ride? Anyway could I go if you guys plan on riding?

Ron, Were going riding on Sunday for a KILLER loop!! You really must go! :)

Dan, we are planning a ride on Friday the 17th. It will probably the the same 70 mile loop the guys took last time. See Post on Another Friday the 13th ride. And the post I started on Another Friday the XXth ride. I plan on going down your way several times this year. I am in dire need of some desert riding. Hopefully, we can hook up. If there is anyway you can make in on the 17th let us know. :) Thanks, Paul

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Has anyone tried the Acerbis tank?


Have seen the Ty, Clarke and IMS at the races but never this one. The Aluminum cap looks trick but how is the fit and finish?



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I recently purchased a 00 WR400 which included a IMS tank. The tank only has on bolt on the left side and is quit a bit taller than stock. I've put the stock tank back for general use, but would use the large IMS volume for long rides. The IMS tank is much wider at the top, so I'll only use it if I need the additional fuel. I'm getting 70+ miles on the stock tank.

Well, I installed the Clark tank and SDG seat. The tank went on with no problems. I had to make a minor adjustment to the rear seat brackets to get them to fit. I also ordered a Clark tank for my DRZS. The color is a good match in both cases. I only got to test the WR up and down the street. The real test will come this week-end when we do a 70 mile loop. So far I like it. The only problem is that it looks so new! I need to put a few scratches on it to match the rest of the bike! :)

If I'm not mistaken, Pirie custom makes carbon fiber gas tanks. Not exactly cost effective, but way trick!

I have the Ty Davis....it's a sweet tank...particularly if you have the remote hot-start already.

Just my opinion, of course...

Tex LaBo


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