Would a 600 baffle fit my 350 exhaust?

I have an 85 XR350 with the oem exhaust. The end of the pipe measures 3" across and the opening for the insert appears to be about 2" wide. Just bought it and it's LOUD!! Some parts are hard to find for these so I'm looking at what else might work. If someone with a late 80's 600 would measure theirs I would be grateful.

Would a 600 from the 86+ years have the same size baffle? Thanks for any help!

A baffle from the 85-87 twin-carb XR600's will be exactly the same but the '88 on models have a different exhaust and baffle which arent interchangable.

I don't think a 600 (larger) baffle would fit a 350 (smaller diameter), but I don't know for sure!! Call an exhaust shop like White Bros. for FMF. A machine shop may be able to fabricate you something. Those XR350's were the ticket back in the day, I don't understand why Honda discontinued those. Good luck!

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