Is it worth it?

Hi guys

I currently ride a 2000 XR600R with a Big Gun Race Exhaust. I love the bike overall, but am considering an '00-'02 XR650R. I know the 650 is supposed to have some more power, but am not sure if the difference is big enough to be worth the swap. I can definately handle the power, and would appreciate a stiffer suspension also as I'm over 230 lbs. Weight is not a huge issue, so long as it handles similarly to the 600. Basically, I want a tall and very powerful fourstroke that can eat any terrain. Can anyone compare from experience?

I had a 1995 XR600R set up for dual sport. I rode that until I got my 2002 XR650R at the end of 2003. The 650 has much more power, especially on top. Much more everywhere actually. The frame and suspension is much better too, it is still a big heavy bike, but it feels more stable and trustworthy when you start to push it. The 650 is not as comfortable as the 600, the seat is a lot less cushy and same with the suspension, it is not as plush in stock form. I put a GUTS Racing tall/soft seat on mine and it is much better now. I am going to have my suspension done too to make it plusher. Overall, the 650 is a big improvement. If you like your 600 you'll love the 650.


Thanks. Would you say the forks are stiffer on the 650? The 600 forks are too soft for my liking if anything.

Everything is stiffer on the 650.I rode a friends and was able to hammer thru whoops no problem,but it wasn't very cushy on the small stuff.

I had a 97 XR600R which I loved until my buddy bought a new 650R and I made the mistake of riding it :cry: The only thing I miss about the 600 was the seat. The new bike handles better, the suspension can be set up to do anything you want, it has much more hit everywhere. I sold my 600 and got the 650 in 2003 so I could get it plated before the law changed in California. If you change you won't be unhappy at all. Nothing wrong with the bike you got now either. The 600 was never a limiting factory for me I just like the extra grin factor when twisting the wrist :cry:

Sounds like the 650 is for me. Thanks guys.

I've owned both bikes also. You will never miss the 600 once your astride an uncorked XR650R. They are not even in the same class. :cry:

I am (was) in exactly the same situation. I currently have both a '92 600 and '00 650 sitting in my garage, both dualsported. Had been biding my time waiting for the right 650 at the right price in my area and it finally happened about 2 weeks ago.

My old 600 is better sprung for my weight. The 600 has aftermarket springage and I plan do the same for the 650, but the nod goes to the 600 at this point. Also the seat is slightly better on the 600. The 650 wins all the rest of the categories. The surprising difference is (for me) what you have heard about the lower C.o.G. is all true, the 650R is actually easier to wrangle in tight spots. Also the off idle torque rush is not so abrupt and is easier to manage. My favorite thing about the 650 over the 600 is the street cruising is so much better thanks to the much smoother engine of the 650.

I hope the 650 proves to be as tough as the 600 over the longhaul. That radiator kind of has me worried.

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