450f or 250 2stk

Ok, heres the deal. Already got 2 250f's. Had a 426 loved it but sold it to buy a new 04 250f. I know I'm faster on a 250f. But son wants to race both 125 and 250 classes this year.

We love yamahas but don't want one to have a motor like a Honda we want a Yamaha "hit".Rode a 03 and 04 450 and liked it.Have you guys done anything to the 05 to bring the hit back?

If I can't get it to run like we want it to I think We'll buy the new Yz 250 and give it a try.Any input is greatly apprec. will be getting bike in next 2 wks. :cry:

Get the 05 450 you will not be dissapointed, try to ride one if you can and you will see!

I agree. The '05 IS different, but it is NOT slow, nor is it "tame", exactly. Actually, it's sort of a giant version of the 250F. Ride one before you rule it out.

The suspension alone is going to make you want to sell your 250F so you can get an '05 model of that one too, or at least plan to get an '06.

If you did want to make it run like an '04, I feel certain that swapping the earlier cams in would do it (maybe just the exhaust) and going back to the '04 ignition controller after that. Not much else is different.

Thanks for the input.I thought about getting a 05 250f. Our suspension been done already by Pro Action. Read great things about the 05's.

Gonna be hard to ride a 05 450 here. Local shop is Yamaha-Honda, but only getting 1 450 yamaha. He had a hard time selling them last year.But sold every Honda he could get.So I get the yam 450 if I want it. Thats why I'm asking you guys,because you've rode the bike and I never get bad advice from people on here. Just that I read that it did'nt even have the hit of a 426. Made me wonder if I'd like it or not.

anyone else have any input? Want to be sure because I'd have a hard time selling it here. Thanks,will talk to you guys later.


The obvious answer is ride a ‘05 YZ450F, but yeah I know easier said than done. I'm a 34 novice/beginner depending on the track and have been riding YZFs since 99, started with '99 YZ400F, '02 YZ426F, '03 YZ450F, and now '05 YZ450F. I liked my '03 YZ450F a lot and up until this last weekend was thinking about selling the '05 and keeping the '03. This last weekend was probably my fourth ride on it and I'm starting too really like the bike. The suspension feels pretty good after some clicker changes; as good as my revalved '03 just needs stiffer springs. The power is different like I've said in other posts compared to my ’03, but it is not slow by any means. I rode the bike on a hard pack track on Saturday with quite a few jumps and the bike felt great, even had enough "hit/power" to get sideways on the face of a double and send me high siding into the second jump(second crash on the new bike). The magazines reviews make it sound like a mellow XR400, which it is not. On Sunday I rode a sand track with a lot of corners and had no problems, left with a smile on my face.

On the other hand if you are a two stroke fan the '05 YZ250 will be hard to beat. I've heard nothing, but good things about the bike.

I also was considering a 05 450, but was hesitant because of the four speed gearbox for one thing. The other is that the power plant was tuned down to remove the hit of the 04. The 04 is a animal, but can be controlled with a bit of control. I'm a +40 expert rider, and my friend just bought a 04 leftover, he has riden 500 2-strokes all his life, I converted him to Yamaha, this is his second four stroke. He was considering the fly wheel weight because the wheel would light up to quickly. I currently have a 01 and it works really well for me, I almost hate to get rid of, but my re-sale is diminishing quickly, hence less deposit for a new one. I loved the Honda, but the valve issues are still there, I hear many guys still having issues with them still. They also tend to use a bit of oil. Thats a pretty expensive fix, plus the price you got to pay for a Honda, does not seem worth it. I'm probably going to get some new plastic and a Graphics kit, and hope the best for the 06 model. My dealer said to wait also for the aluminum frame, hopefully they will put the honeycombed portion on the inside or get rid of them completely, what moron thought of putting a mud collector on the outside of the frame.

Take Care

If your used to riding a 4 stroke, buy a four stroke. If your better on a two stroke get the 250. I personally like the 450, but some people think it is too heavy. I know this fall when I get a new bike it is going to be an 06 Yamaha 450F. And as far as the 4 speed goes. I think it is the best trans ever, I absolutely love mine. Start in 2nd off the line, shift to 3rd, and leave it there for the whole race. if you have a real sharp corner you may have to hit 2nd, or on a real long straight you might go to 4th, but on most tracks you can use 3rd all the time.

so the new 450 is not slow it just puts the power to the ground... right??

scottpb33 what part of new jersey are you from???

im from westmilford.

If you can go all 1 type of stroke. For alot of people switching between the 2 types of bikes is difficult. If your planning on keeping your 250f's then get the 450. If you want to buy 125's get the 250 2-stroke.

I didnt care too much for my 450 but loved my 250F. I bought the 250 2-stroke and couldnt switch between the 2 very well for races. I just sold the 250F and bought the 125. I am actually very happy I did. The bike is real nice. Very fast, faster than I thought it would be, and handles great but the 250F is sweet bike too.

As for the 450 being slow... its no different than everyone on here talking about putting on 15t's or pulling the TPS. Its not slow, its just easier to ride.

I leave in the Sussex county area. I also belong to a New York state club called Satra, www.satra.org, its a great club for riding motocross.

District 34 also, #125.

I leave in the Sussex county area. I also belong to a New York state club called Satra, www.satra.org, its a great club for riding motocross.

District 34 also, #125.

i also race district 34. 125c # 252.

I don't think you can go wrong either way. The 450 has enough power for us mortals and the YZ250 two - smoke is one of the funnest bikes I have ridden.

Thanks for input guys.DPW, where you at in Tx? My sister lives in Magnolia[sp?] below Houston How about you SATCHo922? my 2 boys are going down there to ride/race soon.My dad is at MD Anderson cancer center right now. Has 3 small tumors on brain so coming down to see him and cheer him up if possible.

SNATCH0922...Hows your 250 compare to 450's on the track? Is it really lopsided powerwise? Im leaning towards the 250 2stk and waiting for the alum fram on 450.Wish I could get a new 05 250f to but would have to sell our 03 250f. Damn... I sound like a woman huh.? Bike addiction is a horrible thing!

Let me know how close you are to Houston. Sis says theres a track just down road from her.Oh, how much for your 450 DPW?

both DPW and I live in the Dallas area.

As far as power, the 250 has plenty. It (in my opinion) is easier to ride because it's not as top heavy and turns much easier....and my biggest weakness is cornering!

I think you would be happy with either bike. The 250 is easier in the whoops and tight stuff. But it will also scream on the straights. The YZ has one of if not THE widest powerbands of any two-smoke so the jump from a thumper was not that difficult. It hooks up very well and can even be short shifted! :cry:


Check your PM's

DPW...if you got something to say you better just say it here!!

JUST KIDDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! See you Saturday!!!

Hey Satch, I am just about ready to ride again, had knee surg. a few months ago. How would you say the 'smoker is on the trails? Lighter is sounding pretty good to me right now.

the 05 YZ250 is VERY light, VERY nimble and turns on a dime. It also has alot of low end. I believe one of the magazines put it on a dyno and it was making 30 hp at a low 5500 rpm or so. Very good for a two smoke. It peaks at around 46.5 HP. This combined with 211 dry weight makes it ALOT of fun ! :cry:

I'll also put in a strong vote for the YZ250. When I joined TT, I was a total thumper-holic. Bought the YZ250 as an addition to my CRF250 to try a 2 stroke, and the CRF is gone and I'm hooked now!

The weight, handling, and maint. reqs. all favor the 250, while you don't have to shift or clutch as much on the 450. The 250 has plenty of power for me and a sky-high fun factor. I race hare scrambles and practice MX, and it does great at both!

I got some more seat time on my YZ250 yesterday. This was my first "real" ride on the bike. It was VERY windy so there wasn't alot jumping...at least no more than a step up here and there. The bike rips! I am still adjusting to it after riding 2+ years on the 426 "tractor". The bike rails corners like no other....I suck at corners and up until I started getting tired yesterday (which didn't take long due to 7 weeks off) I was corning better than I ever did on the thumper. They say the race is won in the corners so I should be faster.

As far as the handling , the bike is very nuetral and goes where you tell it. I have changed the springs front and rear and the suspension feels much better than my old bike ever did. Of course because of the sparse crowd at Nocona I don't think there was a braking bump one all day and no big air so I will no doubt have some more tweaking to do on the clickers. Blitzing the whoops/rhythm section was sweet and the bike skipped right through them...and the dirt was DEEP ! LOL I got squirrely in them once because I made the ultimate mistake...letting off the gas! I saved it but I was all over the place! The dirt at Nocona was deep, not muddy though, and all of us felt like it sucked the power out of our bikes...even the guys on 4-strokes. However I had a blast roosting around the track yesterday. The power comes on smooth but let me tell you....3rd gear is where things move into overdrive! My brother rode the bike and I told him.."get that thing in 3rd as quick as you can and pin it! LOL"

Overall the bike is a blast to ride. Something different and very easy to maneuver. The 756's I put on were made for Nocona....that bike was on velcro yesterday! More seat time and gettin back in riding shape and I think I will be faster than 2+ years on my 426. One important thing to point out...I don't feel beat up today even though I should since I am way out of riding shape! Pics from Nocona 1-22-05

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