nick in cam lobe

So I pulled my engine to extract a cylinder head cover bolt that had broken off. In the process of removing the cover to get at the head, three (yes three) more bolts broke. After finally removing them all, (the last one is a mess; I'll never use an EZ out again) I went to re-install the head and cam. That's when I noticed a nick or scratch in my cam lobe.

It is a deep enough scratch that I'm worried it will hurt the rocker. This is a brand new cam, just installed this summer. There is no wear on any other lobe or on the rocker arms. What should I do? Can I smooth it out with fine sand paper or something? This was supposed to be a simple project...

do you have a picture you can post of the scratch. I don't believe you want to be sanding off the hardened surface of a cam lobe. :cry:

you might be able to polish it out with some emory cloth. Take it to a head guy and have him take a look.


like the previous poster said, crocus cloth polishing usually works well ... Ive polished cam lobes that were flaking, and ran same cam for years without further problem on old HDs

I tried to take a picture, but my camera didn't want to focus very closely. I don't think the picture I have will be very helpful.

I spent some more time looking at the pitting, and it appears to be just that: pitting. There aren't any raised edges that I can see/feel and, as I mentioned, the rocker is fine. Could this mean that the pitting was not caused by a stray piece of metal, as I would think the rocker would also be damaged if metal had passed between the cam lobe and rocker, but instead is due to a manufacturing defect?

For better or for worse, I don't think that I can polish away the pitting, but I do appreciate the advice. Man, it was one of those days in the garage.

dont mean to revive an old thread...what is the diff beween flaking and pitting? and which is dangerous?

dont mean to revive an old thread...what is the diff beween flaking and pitting? and which is dangerous?

If you cant find results in a search, go ahead and start a new thread.

Flaking is where a coating comes off of a part. Pitting is caused by many things, and looks like tiny holes. Both are bad, and in need of replacement parts.

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