2005 WR450 price....crap

When I was shopping for my WR250F it was like pulling teeth getting a price out of them. All they would do is sit down with their little worksheet and run retail numbers, getting to $6800-$7400, then promise that they would "work with me" when I was ready to write the check.

My buddy finally emailed EVERY dealer in SoCal, telling them that we wanted two WR250F's for delivery that weekend, that $5700 OTD was the price to beat.

Boom... five phone calls before noon the following day (only problem was that only one dealer actually HAD them... the rest needed to order, 2 weeks).

The following day, a large shop called and agreed to that price and had two ready to go.

Out of that $5700, there's $25 to DMV for tags, and about $365 in sales tax.

I've been told that dealer cost on the '05 WR250F is about $4800... roughly 18% markup from dealer cost to MSRP. If that 18% number is accurate, that would mean that the WR450F, MSRP for $6600, costs the dealer about $5600.

An OTD price of $6500-$6700 would be a pretty good price.

Freight is a given, but the dealership can eat much of it. Dealer prep is when they have the minimum-wage guy in the back uncrate and assemble the thing. There's about a 500% markup on actual cost for that.

As stated above, you will pay sales tax in CA, whether it's new or used, unless you buy it cash-and-carry out of state and take your chances and not register it in CA.

I've heard that CA is getting very tough on registering out of state bikes. One guy here on TT has a CRF250R (red sticker) that he brought in from Oregon and DMV is giving him grief over not having an emissions sticker and refusing to tag the bike. AFAIK, green bikes have emissions stickers, red don't.

You boys are making me feel very good about the price I paid for my new 05 WR 450. $6299 no setup fees whatsoever.

So from what I'm hearing I should just go to a Yamaha dealer and grab him by the balls and say "I want a 2005 WR450F for $6600 and don't screw with the price you friggin pig!" And until I have it in the truck I won't let go. What you think?

Not in exactly those words, but pretty much.

YOU have the money. He has the bike. Other dealers have the bike.

It's his job to sell you a bike. He has to sell bikes or he goes out of business.

Always be ready to walk out the door. Talk about the bike, tell him that you're interested in the 0/0 financing if they still have it going (and if your credit score is good).

Go for the assumed close. Don't ask "what's your best price?"... ask him in a more telling way "You can write this deal for $6500 OTD, right?"

You give him the out with the "right" at the end. If he says no, THEN ask "Well, how close to that can you get?" Don't tell him that you're willing to go to $6700 because your next highest quote really is at $6800... let him counter.

If he counters at $6800 or higher, thank him for his time, make sure he has your contact information so he can call you back if he does decide to accept, and walk out the door without stopping to buy any accessories or browsing. You're there to buy a bike, and if he doesn't want to sell it to you, you don't want to spend time browsing his helmets.

He MAY chase you out the door and match your offer. I've had two Toyota dealers do that.

I'll do just that! thanks.

the basically almost $7500 WR that roseville has is just pure communism.

You need some lessons in ideology. What you described above is pure, unadulterated capitalism, not communism. Welcome to the free market economy. I hope you never decide to buy a Harley. The shock might kill you. :cry:



The important thing is to ALWAYS be ready to walk if he isn't willing to give you what you want. Don't lean back in the chair until you've shaken on the deal.

You're a busy guy and don't have all day to spend fighting with him on the price.

At least, make sure that's what he believes :cry:

You need some lessons in ideology. What you described above is pure, unadulterated capitalism, not communism. Welcome to the free market economy. I hope you never decide to buy a Harley. The shock might kill you. :cry:



Well, okay. Thanks for pointing that out eagle eye. Yeah, I'll probably never buy a Harley. Harley Davidson dealers would charge you to breathe the air if they could.

Ohh...I almost forgot, thanks for correcting me, my history class still isn't paying off. I got them all mixed up.....

dan_lorenze, the 6673.00 that you paid out the door is way way better than roseville yamaha wanted. the basically almost $7500 WR that roseville has is just pure communism. uhh... where did you get yours at? I figured that the price of gas is worth saving nearly a 1K on the WR that I intend to buy in March. I just want the best deal, no matter where I have to go.

Simi Valley Cycles (805)522-3434

The law of supply and demand really applies here.. When I was buying my bike from the owner of my local dealership, the sales manager pops his head in the office and says with a smile " Why are we giving this guy a smokin price when I can sell these things all day long for 7500.00"? Although it made me a little mad, he's got a great point. They sell every WR they get within days of delivery... Now, they just get two 450s every month here on out for the rest of the year.. They are just now getting in their RMZ450s, they sell for full retail,full prep,full shipping, all docs and a lot of tax.. Not one dollar off.. They still have a line of guys that will pay whatever just to have that bike... Supply and demand....

The Folsom dealer had the same price. I bought a used WR400 instead. It's always nice to dream.

Sarasota Florida.... I just picked mine up yesterday Feb 14th for $6650.00 Out The Door! I could have went to a big wholsaler 3 hours away and saved another $300.00

I can recommend four places if you are willing to drive...

Lynnwood Yamaha in Lynnwood, WA. No freight, set up or tax to out of state buyers. Last price I saw from them was $6399.

Yamaha Jack's in Ellensburg, WA. Will beat anyone by $50.

Beaverton Honda Yamaha in Tigard, Oregon. They will ALWAYS quote full retail, plus freight, setup, etc. HOWEVER, they absolutely refuse to be beaten by a bonafied offer. I have a friend who is a salesperson and know about 15 people who have purchased bikes there. You have to go through the used car negotiation bit, but they ALWAYS at minimum, match the lowest verifiable offer.

Last resort, Motorcycle Brokers. Just make sure you can drive up and pick up the bike in Washington. If you "order" from them, it may be months before you receive your bike.

For reference I just bought a 2005 WR 250F (Which I love) from Hatisberg cycles in Ms.

bike: $4899

setup: $250

doc: $150

$5299 total so far. It looks like I will owe Florida 6% tax. Which will be three something.

I paid $6150.00 out the door at Crossroads Yamaha in Albemarle, NC for my 05 WR450. They even fixed the throttle stop, pulled the silencer plug and delivered it to the I-77 rest stop in SC for me. I couldn't be happier with the price or the service.


Prices on the West Coast may be higher for some reason - I live in Michigan and paid $6,350 total - there was another dealer that offered the bike to ,me for $100 less and would have delivered the bike to my house but I decided to go with a local shop that is 5 miles from my home for service reasons. I have seen other posts from people in the area who have paid plus/minus $100. Good luck it's a great bike. One dealer only offered list price - this is the same sales guy that told me the Hot Start lever is a back brake and that the bike has 6 gears.

Think of it this way. At least you get to ride it 12 months out of the year. I live in MI and dont get nearly the seat time you west coast guys do. Alot of guys around here go to Canada to buy their bikes. I say thats crap. Scuk it up and support your local dealers

Now, there's a question...how far is one willing to go, or, how much is one willing to pay to support their local dealer? :)

Considering that is sometimes a $1000 difference between the sale of an IDENTICAL motorcycle, why would one spend that much money to support a local dealer who is basically giving the customer a raw deal. :D

Here's the logic...As a rule, dealers are reimbursed upon sale by the manufacturer for the freight cost. Set up is a charge that, in essence, is a premium that is the manufacturer's and dealer's responsibility to sell you a product that is not defective. A franchised Big 4 dealer is strictly forbidden to sell a bike to the customer in the crate. The reason for this being that the part of the responsibility of a dealer is to verify that the bike they are selling is complete and defect free, and the only way to verify that is to assemble it themselves. :p

I will agree that the margins on bikes has become smaller over time, however a larger percentage are being financed than ever before. Did you know that the dealer receives an incentive if they finance the bike as opposed to selling it outright for cash? This varies between financial institution, however say your Yamaha is financed on the Yamaha plan, the dealer receives a kickback for this.

Also, if one finances throght a dealer's third part financial insitution, they most likely receice some sort of "participation" in the form of percentage points. It works like this...you agree to purchase the bike and to finance it. the salesperson says they can finance you through, say, Transamerica, for 12.99%. The thing that the dealer is not telling you is that the actual rate to the finance company is 9.99% and the difference between that and the 12.99% you are financing the bike at is 3%. So, your $6500 finance for your WR450F just paid the dealer an ADDITIONAL $195.00!!

Now, you wear out the tire on your WR and you happen to like the D739 that is on the bike. My local dealer charges $103.95 for that tire and an additional $20.00 to mount it! The SAME TIRE at any number of mail order companies is about $58.00 plus $9-$12 shipping. That is about a 30% difference!!

It is the same on chains, sprockets, bars, you name it.

Is dealer loyalty worth $1000 extra on you bike and 30% on everything you buy?? :)

Just somethig to consider, next time you are down at your LFYD (Local "Friendly" Yamaha Dealer). I ride Yamahas so I am not picking on Yamaha dealers specifically...it is just an illustration. All of the Big 4 operate in this manner. :D

I am the point where I think the dealers need to rethink the way they do business. :) I would gladly buy from them and use them if they were reasonably competitive and actually provided good service. The reality is that the mechanics are usually poor quality. The dealer know less about the bikes than we do. :) They make all there money on parts and accessories and they cant compete with the internet for those. So they need to go down a different path or slowly scale back to motorcycle brokering and service only.

I know I would not invest in a dealership but I might invest in a company like Rockymountain! :p

I've moved this topic back to the current postings area because I don't want it to die. I'm interested in hearing about the prices that Southern California residents (Cajon Pass to the North and Mexican border to the South) are paying for 2005 WR450F's. Specifically, the out-the-door (OTD) price (cost of motorcycle, DMV registration fee, license fee and state sales tax). The best price I have seen so far for the average consumer who is not a relative of the owner of the dealership is at LA Cycle in Marina del Rey, $6999 OTD. My son bought his 2004 WR450F from them after negotiating over the telephone, we live in the San Diego area. When he arrived to pick up the motorcycle, the deal went down exactly as agreed to. My son had been warned about the possiblity of bait-and-switch tactics at the last minute. The motorcycle was prepped and ready for delivery, it even had the throttle stop mod installed. The salesman was helpful, pleasant and glad that my son had chosen to drive 130 miles to shop in his dealership. Let's hear your stories of buying your 2005 WR450F in So. CA.

$7104 otd from Honda Yamaha of Redlands on Dec 29th. It was the 3rd bike I have bought from them and they were the only ones in the area at the time that had them in stock.

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