2005 WR450 price....crap

Definitely check trader online and see what out of state dealers have. We have a similar problem here in Alabama, as every dealer seems to try and make their month of a couple of sales. 90% of the people I know have purchased their bike in Mississippi. I bought an 04' WR450 in Olive Branch Mississippi last year for $5400 OTD, my brother bought his 04' in Corinth for $5600. Every bit worth the 3 hr drive for some blue Perma Grin!!!

I bought mine from Berts, $6400 OTD, but this was the total bro deal. I swore I would never buy anything from one of the mega mall super store motorcycle shops. When I went to my local Yamaha dealer in Laguna Niguel the salesman would not qoute me any price until he ran my credit. I was paying cash, told him so, and yet still no price quote. I was amazed at his attitude and at the time was prepared to pay $6700, which was the cheapest price around at the time (from LA Yamaha in Marina Del Rey). I got the feeling they didn't want to sell me a bike for cash and weren't willing to negotiate or meet other dealers prices, even though their ad sez they will beat any price! :) Not so I found out. I was told Montclair Yamaha would deal on the '05 WR 450 but the salesman I talked to on the phone said they were selling the bike for full price and could barely meet demand. The best deal I've found OTD is LA Yamaha, unless a co-worker who is owed a favor knows a manager at a mega shop :)

I'm also in San Diego. The best price I could find was LA Yamaha. $6999 otd. I took that price to the shop in SD that I bought my last bike at and he agreed to it. He ordered it out of LA, it came two days later, he prepped it, I paid for it and took it home. I'm sure he made some money, and I got what seems to be a good price around here.

04 wr450 for $5500 OTD...... I had to kick and scream to get that price but I got it....

I'm street legal and loving it!

Holy crap that's a good price! Isn't that below cost?

$5500!!! Eggs-selent! I thought I had a good deal at $5,650 otd last Christmas for my '04 450F.


As an employee of a local dealer and a rider and member of this forum, I would like to make a few comments.

1. Why is it no one wants to pay retail for bikes but you will pay retail for everything else on the planet. Try negotiate the price you pay at the grocery or at McDonalds and see what happens.


In rebuttal.

Why pay more than you have to? Period.

And to add, I've seen many times in my experience (take Yuma AZ and the young guys from the Marine base there) young guys come into a bike shop and the best money making line ever is layed on them by slick salesguy, "how much can you afford to pay per month" be used. That line is near criminal when you consider a lot of these guys are unable to calculate the cost of financing thier ride at the maximum rate and time frame that they are about to sign off on. Oh well, PT Barnum had a comment about that kind of consumer. Is that fair? Though, the thing is these guys are financing the 'active' consumers out there that wheel and deal, such as the many people who've replied in this thread.

The fact is....the dealer doesn't deserve the paying publics next penny. Deserve has nothing to do with this transaction. It's a negotiation and many times the consumer (as in the above example) is not fully educated as to what a fair price is, the cost of financing, and thier own personal financial soundness. Is that fair, that many of these guys go bankrupt with credit debts? True, its thier own ignorance, but I hope you see my drift. \\

The dealer makes big coin off of the ignorant consumer and makes lesser coin on the wary consumer. What your pay and your job have to do with this process is between YOU and your employer, not you and the consumer.

****I buy used bikes only.**** Those of you that buy new bikes essentially finance the depreciation and upgrades of my used bikes and depending on the quality of the machine, the maintenance of it too. So buying used affords me a cheaper upgrade and more money in my pocket to spend on gear, wife appeasement and such.

6395.00 at Naumes in Medford, OR. That's just north of the border. NO SALES TAX!

I live in auastralia and my WR 450 cost 11900 + onroad costs at 600 bucks but i bought it anyway

Some of those are just crazy prices. Especially the one from Australia, WOW. Were finding that dealers like to be taken care of as well as anyone else. Bring them a deal and they will work with ya. My friends and I are going to the Dealer on Saturday and are purchasing a pair of 05 WR's, a TTR-90, and a Polaris Phoenix all at the same time and they broke out some savings on all the products. Support your dealers, as long as its under msrp, your still doing alright.

'05 WR450's-- OTD price at 6050.00.

L.A. Yammaha = $6599.00 OTD Best I could find in So.Ca. I Bought it. Only $$$$

They like to sell the 04's before they get the 05's in... You time anything right and you can pretty much name your price. Plus the market for WR450s in NH is not as great as it would be out west or down south. 250's different story....

I have also been doing business with these guys for years and they know I'm a buyer not a shopper.

The guy questioning why we pay retail for everything else and are not willing to pay retail for a bike is obviously looking in from the other side of the door. First he needs to compare apples to apples. I don't know anyone that buys a motorized product worth more than a few grand that doesn't haggle the price. Boat, car truck, lawnmower, farm equipment you name it the price is negotiated!

For the record when I go to a fast food place I bring coupons, so no I don't pay full price there either!

About $12,600 in Oz for a 05 wr450.

About $12,600 in Oz for a 05 wr450.

God I hope this is not in US dollars................ouch! :)

Au $$$$

I can only say one thing...... BARDWELL Yamaha.. In Mississippi. The best on price. (That I have found)

12,600.00 in Australian dollars is about 9500 bucks US. Feel lucky now? I just spent 5000.00 for my WR

I paid 7775 Cdn, which is not bad, but we pay 14 tax here% :):D:) . makes it 8700 Cdn which works out to 7100 US

I am looking to buy a wr by the end of this summer. is the only diff between the wr250 and 450 more power? Where can i get a good used wr at a good price?

Mach 1 Motorsports in Vallejo CA. I got mine for $6,578.00 OTD...NO REALLY!!

A guy name Jeff owns the joint and runs a great shop. I have bought 7 bikes from him and he always waves all of the set up fees and once you become a customer, you will always get a good discount on everything you buy. So, for some of you guys sniveling about over priced parts at the dealer, Mach 1 will pretty much match all catalog prices. That place is always packed with people and Cycle Gear is only 15 minutes away. Cell them and make a deal...

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