2005 WR450 price....crap

I bought mine 2 months ago for $5,700. Cant tell you where, cause I dont wanna cause trouble, but the dealers can afford to go that low, trust me. We also got 20% off a full gear set up. All you gotta do is know what buttons to push.

You don't need to push any buttons. I got my 05 WR450 back in Jan. for $5720 OTD at Romney Cycle in WV. They sell them to everyone at that price. Since the CRF450X came out they dropped the price another $50 on the Yami.

Guess I'll add my 2 cents to this discussion. My opinion is that you need to support your local dealer. Create a good relationship with them and they will take care of you. What incentive do they have to do that if you are constantly ordering from companies out of state and over the internet?!? Keep ordering from the big companies all the time and you wont have local dealers very long! I made the decision to frequent a local dealer years ago and they treat me like gold. Maybe it's different back east where they have to work for your business. I wont shop anywhere else because of the service I get! They bend over backwards to help me out. The owner even went so far as to loan me his shim kit last weekend so that I could do the valve adjustment on my bike without having to order shims or run back and forth to his shop. He even offered to let me do it there in an empty service bay if I wanted to. Treat them right and they will return the favor. If they don't, go to another dealer and spend your $ there. That's what I did around here until I found quality people to deal with! Just a plug for my shop :):D Cumberland Cycles in Cumberland, MD. 301-777-3614.

Guess I'll add my 2 cents to this discussion. My opinion is that you need to support your local dealer. Create a good relationship with them and they will take care of you. What incentive do they have to do that if you are constantly ordering from companies out of state and over the internet?!?

Okay, my story.... first-time buyer. No, I had no established relationships, and was wanting to establish them. My buddy and I decided on a PAIR of WR250Fs.

One local dealer came back with $6k OTD. Not bad. Two others came back with FULL RETAIL PLUS THE BS... this was over $7k per bike... with a promise that "when we were ready to buy they would work with us".

We WERE ready... I told them this. Give me a price and my buddy will wire the money the next morning. No dice... they would not budge.

After two weeks of this, my buddy finally sends an email to every dealer in SoCal telling them what the price to beat was (he gave them a price $100 better than LA Yamaha). By 10am the next morning, I had 3 messages on my cell phone meeting the price (but none had two bikes in stock for delivery that weekend).

A 4th dealer called the next morning and said "they're ready to roll, come and get them".

So a week later, one of the dealers that offered $7k calls and asks if we've decided where to buy. I told her that she was immediately removed from the list because she highballed us out of the gate.

It works both ways... I'll use a local dealer for parts and accessories, but they have to be willing to at least APPEAR to be competitive. When the local dealer is charging 25% more than online sources, they do not deserve my business. It is foolish to pay more for no good reason. Many of the online discounters ARE "local dealers" such as Bardwells, Cucamonga, etc... They all get the same pricing from the manufacturers, so there's no reason they can't offer the same price in their stores.

WheelsUp...Agreed! See, you are going to deal with the guys that dealt with you, right? I firmly agree that you should try to get the best price that you can and gouging is just unethical. Like the example posted earlier, $100+ for a tire is a complete rip off but my local guy sells tires competitively for what is posted in the mail order adds. Probably cheaper if you add in S&H. There will always be the exception out there of the guys that have so much business that they can sell their stuff at retail because there are people out there that will pay the price. There are also a lot of dealers that would rather hold on to a bike just so they can trade it for something that they want from another dealer. Like a street bike that they will get full retail on.

That said, if my shop started selling for full retail on everything I would search out another source for my bikes and parts. I would make every attempt to buy locally though. My buddy just bought an 05 WR450 for $6K OTD from this guy. Not a bad deal for here.

That said, a few years ago Jeff Cernic said that he would beat my buddy's price on a new DRZ just to get the bike out the door. He was willing to sell below his cost and lose money just to get my business. I still bought from my shop because it was in town and not an hours drive away. I figured the extra $100-$200 was worth the mutual loyalty in the long run and it has paid off many times over.

Maybe it's because it is a small shop and they are on a more personal level with their customers. Too many mega dealers have evolved and they just don't care like the smaller shops do. Glad that you got a good deal!

I Just put money down on an 05, How hard is it to get it legal so I can out a plate on it without the Baja Kits . Dexter's gave me a hell of a deal 6200.00 out the door, I just wans to get it street legal. Saved 1000.00 by not going with the CRFX 450 I would put a pipe on the Blue Monster. Thank You in Advance. :) as always Thumpertalks Rocks

out the door $6500

I just got mine today for $6299 OTD @ EastBay Motorsports in Hayward

Hey bought my 05" WR 450 for 6300.00 at Yamaha dealer in lubbock TX..All free mods done and out the door..

Action in Vancouver: $6,999 including freight and all that crap! They bumped $250.00 off the sticker price as the '06 model should arrive next month.

Lake Hill Motor & Marine - Corinth, MS. Just picked mine up yesterday... 5,699.99 OTD (I'm out of state, so no sales tax). Ask for Larry.

I'm with Clayton on that one! I am going to make the 24 hour round trip drive to Corinth, Mississippi in a couple months to pick up my 06. This is the best price I have ever seen, and no tax being from Florida :applause: I'll probably be paying around $2-300 more for the 06 due to the increase in MSRP. Lake Hill Motors

If any of you want a Honda or Polaris powersport vehicle of ANY kind, check out Southern Honda in Chattanooga, TN. They have CRF450X's for only $5683 OTD!!!....for a $7199 retail bike!!! I wish there was a Yamaha dealership offering those kind of discounts. I have a friend who has gone to BOTH places to get bikes/quads and he had a great experience at both.

Try Bay Area Yamaha in San Mateo. $6499 out the door. I got mine there and Dan was excewllent to deal with.

I just bought my bike 3 days ago. I researched the suggested price of the bike on KBB.com and then low balled the guy. After a little bargaining I got it out the door at $6,497. Not a steal but not too bad of a deal considering the initially wanted $8,100 after all fees.

Scuk it up and support your local dealers. Well I would if they would support me. When the woodruff key issue came up they called me names and then sold an aquaintence a bike and didnt say or do anything about his key and he almost died walking out of the boonies. They were well aware of the problem and thats unforgiveable.

i just bought mine from roseville yamaha saturday. msrp was 6599, I paid 6099 plus all the tax, doc, setup crap. They wil bargain, Ive bought 2 bike from capital yamaha and I just said hey "Ill go to Capital". They salesman made it happen. I laugh at people that pay sticker.

Try Oregon, They have an agreement with California to honor each others stickers. (No red stickers) Check in Medford I almost bought a bike up there, if I remember correctly they wanted about $6300 and no sales tax!!!!!!!!!

I spend alot of money at the yamaha shop here in Bend.I walked out the door with my 05 wr450 for $6065.really.it was the last one too! yey for me.

I bought my 426 brand new out the door for $4300. My dad choked and said his usual about how in 72 he got a brand new Suzuki for $400. At this rate our kids will be paying $40,000 for a dirt bike. But as it stands now $7300 for a jap bike is pretty crazy.

Just bought an 05 WR 450. $6299 out the door at Bay Area Yamaha.

Call Dan @ 888-824-7312

This is the third bike I've purchased from these guys. Easy to work with and no BS.

That's lame for a dealer to quote so high when other dealers not that far away from there have much better prices. There's a lot of yamaha dealers in nor and central cal. Just keep looking.... As far as the guy who said to suck it up and suppost your local dealer, ask him to send you a check for the difference if he thinks you should not shop around.

I found a really good deal on an 05 with 1.2 miles [3 heat cycles]. The guy bought it in January intending to put 17's on it to motard. His deal on wheels fell through then he found out he had to have wrist surgery.

He listed the bike on a regional board which I have been watching daily for 2 years looking for a great deal. I called within a couple hours after he posted it and told him I could have him the cash the next day. He even delivered it to my house!!!

This deal was so good that I called the sheriff's department first to run the VIN to be sure it was not stolen. My point- scour the forum for sale sections daily, be very, very patient, and you too will find that once in a lifetime deal. :D

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