2005 WR450 price....crap

Bot my 05' WR450 in June for $5700 from Riverfront Cycles in Gallipolis,OH.

Looks like I got a pretty good deal! :D

I bought one last friday from Abernathy motor sports for 6050 otd. They sell thier dirt bikes at about $20 over list. They could probably ship you one still in the crate. All you would have to do is put on the front tire and handle bars. http://www.abernathyonline.com/

LA Yamaha is at $6299 OTD. That sounds like the going rate for a good deal.


I emailed LA Cycle just before noon today. The price to California residents for a 2005 WR450F out-the -door is still $6,500.

Canada, or cyclebrokers, are a good choice. I went to a local dealer, he wouldn't work with me so screw them it's my money!

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