Low End Rebuilds

I have a 1999 YZ400 and a 2001 YZ426 does anyone know how long the crank bearings are good for. I read a response in MXA to replace the bearings after this much time.

I hope they last forever. :cry:

I had an 01 426 it had 16,300 k's on it when i sold it, still had the original crank brg's in it, threw one piston and rings in it at about 8,000 k's not that it needed it and a couple of 3rd pinion gears, hth


I don't know what interval an engine builder would recommend, but both of those engines have been known to have rod bearings fail with more or less catastrophic results. It doesn't seem to be a problem, just something that happens occasionally. Search this forum for more info.

Are you talking about the Big End rod bearings or the crank bearings in the case? I'm putting a crank, piston, cylinder and 3 intake valves as we speak due to a failed big end rod bearing.

Crank bearings. I read about doing the bottom end after this much time.

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