anyone try something like this before?

stumbled upon this on the net and was thinking of maybe trying it on the wr... and was wondering if anyone has tried it, or has any input, or maybe even a better way? a temp gauge would be nice for the days that are 100+ here in Utah...

It would scare the hell out of me. That's just one more leak path for coolant, and if it does leak, it's gonna spray your crotch.

I use Temp-Plates on my WR. They're those stickers that change color with themperature. Place them on the areas you're concerned about. True, you can't see 'em when you're riding, but my crotch won't get scalded, either.

If you really want a gage, you can pick up an automotive sending unit and gage, run it off your DC, and tee it into one of the radiator hoses...

Being fairly new to watercooled engines, I still have the mindset of wanting to know what the oil temperature is more than the coolant temp.

Does anyone know if they make oil temp dipsticks for the WR's or YZ's? I know they make them for the XR's.

ok it is obvious that the food thermometer probbably isn't the best idea.. :cry: I was just talking about a temp guage period.. does any one have any ideas? I too was thinking about an automotive type but am not sure where to begin.. is the wr's electrical system 12v? where would be a good spot to tap in? would I want a sensor just after the head or just after the rad? :cry::cry::cry::cry:

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