05 First Ride

:cry: Gentlemen

First ride on the beast today since picking it up Christmas Eve..At first I was concerned about the lack of snap as compared to my yz'ed timed 400, but it more than made up for it in torque.. :cry: Seemed like two gears higher in the same conditions, and still wanted a higher gear. Very forgiving powerband and suspension that soaks up everything. I did un-cork it, install a spare JD red needle, remove the ais, yz throttle stop and put a 52 tooth rear sprocket on before riding it off-road.. :lol: Now I can sell the 400 with piece of mind.. :cry: Ran into a guy with a new 05 trying to remove the exhaust baffle and install the throttle stop. :cry: He didn't have enough tools or the knowledge of all that needed to be done, suggested a little reading here at TT before condemning the bike's lack of power.. :lol: Even offered a ride on mine.. :cry:

that reminds me I gotta go develop those pictures!

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