Front wheel spacer wear

Hi All

What's a reasonable amount of wear on the front wheel collar. Mine seems to have a big groove cut in it that's letting dirt by. It seems like I'm replacing this piece about every 500 miles which seems slightly cheaper then new front wheel bearings.

Does anyone make them in Titanium so they won't wear out as fast?

Here's a pic of it currently:

It doesn't look like much, but it's letting dirt by pretty easy.

- Ryan

That is normal. I went thru 6 stock spacers and finally bought a Zip Ty hard anodized YZ front spacer. The seal just wears a groove in the aluminum. :cry:

Ryan, pick up a Rooster Performance front sharkfin. It not only protects your front disk, but also replaces the stock spacer with a better material. Oh, yeah, and it looks sweet too!


Thanks guys

I'm saving my pennies now, I noticed my rear rotor is slightly bent too. They need some decent protection.

- Ryan

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