New 04 WR450s?

Anybody seen any new 04 WR450s around lately? The brokers in Canada are out.

Well, I just posted asking for a good price to offer for one. It's in Lubbock. Where are you?

Just up the road in Amarillo. Does he have just one 04? I will not bid against you. Have an 03 and was just thinkin if 04s were real cheap I might pick one up. I would offer him about 5200 just to see if he blinks. Good luck.

Just one. Would that be $5,200 before taxes?

By the way, thanks for not getting into a bidding war with me. Where do you ride? I used to live in Amarillo before I moved back to Lubbock.

I know of a 2004 WR450 with a few hours on it in the Vancouver area. Where are you located.

Greg email:

SkyRaider: I ride Lake Mackenzie a lot. Do you get over there?

Eliems: We live in the Panhandle of Texas, if you live in Vancover BC that would be a fur piece pardner.

When I ride with my friends who really know how to ride, we ride MacKenzie. Great trails. When I ride with my 7 year old and my wife, we ride at the Honda lease near Slaton. I bought a CRF 230F, thinking I was just going to follow the little one. The wife's bike (TTR-125LE) came a little later. I went out with the big kids later, so I have displacement envy. They ride KTM 525s and such.

OK. I am going to start a Mackenzie thread in the Who When and Where to ride Southwest section and maybe we can hook up for some trail time. We also do lots of runs to New Mexico and Colorado in the warm months.

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