XR650L Stock Pipe

I was thinking of just keeping the stock pipe. I sure hate looking at the black pipe though. Has anyone tried yanking the stock pipe off (muffler and headpipe) and getting it chrome plated? Any issues with that? I was thinking that it might make my bike look a little better without having to shell out the dough for a new pipe. Any thoughts??

I still have the stock pipe, and probably will for a while. So still having the stock pipe, I cannot rip on them too much.......But this reminds me of something one of my drill seargents used to say to us during basic training.......

"If you have a turd, you can polish it, paint it, or camoflage it all you want, but it is still a turd."

Great memories, those Drill Seargents influence their joes for a lot longer than an 8 week basic training.


You may end up paying more to get that done than it would to get a new exhaust system. By removing it, you will improve performance, look better, and shed alot of unwanted weight. :cry:

I have the 650R and I am keeping my stock canister also. It produces the best midrange hit. I'm having my header pipes and exhaust ceramic coated for $80. Cheap, I think considering it looks like a chrome finish. It will also not burn your leg as much, keep the engine temp down, increase hp, and look trick. Consider that as an option if the cost of a new pipe strays you from them. :cry:

I have seen ceramic coated head pipes on several bikes. Looks nice with half the cost of a new system.

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