Tyre Size

Ok Peeps... running 110/100 18 rear tyre..... gonna run a Pirelli Scropion Rear ( its Legal and I have a Scorpion front and I'm very happy with it)

What Tyre sizes are you boys running, and why ????

120 rear is better for us heavy guys. If you are light stick with the 110. :cry:

I have been running the Maxxis IT 110/100-18, but I just bought a 120/100-18. I am going to give it a go next trip. In the past I used the larger size when I was riding my CR500. I thought it was a great tire. :cry:

I have those Trail wings, I must admit they are good on the road when scrubbed in, but here in the soaking wet, muddy U.K, they are shit off road!

Can anybody recommend a good road legal tyre that also has reasonable grip in the mud?

Pirelli Scorpion Pro for me, the front is really Grippy and its Road Legal....just about to get a back so I will let you know when a have it....

Michelins comp 4 and 3 seem pretty good at both on and off road

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