Help 01 clutch mod problem

I have just installed all the parts to upgrade my 00 clutch to a 01 clutch. After I put the bike on a stand, started it, pulled in the clutch and put it in gear. The rear wheel started moving straight away with the clutch in. I stopped the engine and adjusted the clutch. Still the same problem.

Help whats wrong.

When I came in I had a good think. The only thing I can think off is when I took the pressure plate off the short push rod was was attached to it. I put the new short push rod into the main shaft and didn't attach it to the pressure plate. I can't see that being the problem.

Thats normal. My bike does the same thing. Put it on the ground and you will see its fine.

This isn't the normal moving when on the stand. I rev the engine and the rear wheel speeds up even with the clutch pulled in.

I don't dare try and put it in gear on the floor. If I did I'm sure it will stall or throw me off the back!

This isn't the normal moving when on the stand. I rev the engine and the rear wheel speeds up even with the clutch pulled in.

I don't dare try and put it in gear on the floor. If I did I'm sure it will stall or throw me off the back!

Put the front wheel up against the side of a tree, the house anything that would stop the bike form lunging forward.

Then test it as stated :cry:

A few issues could be though you put the Boss Ring in wrong, there is a small thin concaved ring, that has a stamped This side out or something, Make sure it is correct.

The other issue is adjusting properly

Did you get the 01 Ball Bearing and rods ?

If so then

1: Let out all the slack at the clutch adjuster

2: Adjust the Clutch actuator arm to take up the cable slack

3: Now go back and adjust you cluthc to feel

On a side note What directions did you follow

I followed the instructions from a post on TT by cowboyona426 or something like that. Yep got the rods and ball.

I put the ring in the right way around.

Did you adjust the cable at the end on the case? Is has to be adjusted all the way out.

I am going to take it apart later in the week and double check I put everything the right way around. Also, I am going to try different oil. I am currently running Belray Thumper oil and will try something thinner.

Just to recap........

After taking everything out......

I put in the new plate seat, then the spring plate (I am sure the out is on the out) and then the new friction plate.

Removed the inner friction plate and installed the rest of the original plates.

Then the long and the short push rods using the bits from the old short rod. The ball was put inside the short rod.

Then the pressure plate and the clutch cover.

Started the bike and the clutch wouldn't disengage.

If all looks okay is there any parts from the old clutch I can put back and still have some benefits. I was thinking of the push rods.

My 450 did the same thing when I installed these parts - adjust the cable at the lever - it will work itself out over is no big deal. You may wantto change to Mobil1 red cap that seemed to help with notchy shifting after the mod from Yamalube(junk)4R..

When I did the mod, I only installed the 3 inner plates. Other than the engagement point being a little different initially(closer to the bar), it worked great. I did have to adjust the clutch cable as tight as I dared though. After a few rides it seated in and worked perfectly:thumbsup: .

If all else fails, just try the three plates and put everything else back to stock.

Dude I just put my bike on the stand and started it and the wheel moves when in gear(Knowing I was right). I would double check it for sure but its normal for the wheel to spin w/the clutch in. There is friction between the pads when the clutch is pulled in. Along w/the vibrations the wheel will spin. It may not spin really fast but it will and when you rev more vibrations and the clutch will also spin faster causing the wheel to move faster. In neutral the front sprocket will spin and when you rev it it will move even faster?

"I don't dare try and put it in gear on the floor. If I did I'm sure it will stall or throw me off the back!"

Whats so bad about stalling?


I better stop before I get out of hand.

Ill I have to say is WOW:worthy:

I am sure I'm not paranoid.

I tried putting it in gear with the front wheel against the house and it lurched and stalled. Guess I need to take it apart and have a look.

Why does the new Friction plate need to be bigger than the others? Should it fit over the Spring plate? I don't recall noticing that this plate was bigger. I only ask as the dealers in the UK don't always have parts in stock and I hope they didn't give me a normal friction plate instead.

I am going to take it apart tomorrow.

Ok here is the deal

Did you remove the plates from the 00 and install in its place the 01 plates

On the 00 there are 8 clucth Plates and 9 Fiber Friction Plates

The 01 has 8 clutch Plates and 8 Fiber Friction Plates. Plus 1 Friction Plate Part # 5JG-16321-00-00

1 Boss Spring part number 5JG-16383-00-00 SPRING and 1 plate seat 5JG-16384-00-00

Before you start Back out all the adjusters on your clutch lever and your Clutch actuator arm or best Just remove te cable form the Arm it self until you get the Clutch installed

You must install them from the back of the pack forward

Plate seat, Boss Spring and Friction Plate Part # 5JG-16321-00-00

Followed by Clutch Plate then Friction until you have place the remanding 8 in and button up the Pressure Plate last

Once the clutch is fullinstalled put the cable back on and adjust FIRST The slack in the clutch Actuator Arm, then adjust the Clutch Lever Free Play :cry:

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