Gas tank ...

How can I get my 426 gas tank to be black? If I paint it, will the gas eat it up?

Open to suggestions,


If you paint it, the wind will blow it off. Or it may fall off by itself if you just leave it parked with a half tank in it.

From posts I've read, the tank can be DYED black with some success, but I wasn't interested enough to retain the details. You can search this and the 250F forum, or see if someone comes up with the answer.

I remember seeing a tank cover a few years back that was black.

If I remember correctly One Industries offered a plastic tank cover as part of their Hurricane yellow kit for the YZs. You might want to look into that option.

I wouldn't suggest painting the tank, for you'll probably have issues with keeping the paint on it. Once it starts to flake then you may find yourself with a can of worms.

Plastics are strange about paint, and the fuel in the tank will be harder on paint than it is on graphics.

I'm not sure how well it will work, but "back in the day" RC buggy wheels came in white (nylon). To get a different color we'd simply submerge them in hot/boiling water loaded with Rit fabric dye.

You obviously aren't going to turn a YZ-Blue tank yellow to pull a retro, but you might be able to dye it black.

I would probally just look into buying a black one. I know its way more money but its not gonna look good at all with paint or dye.

Just go buy a black tank. IMS and Clarke both make them in oversized as well as stock size.

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