2 stroke problem

I have an 02 yz250 2 stroke. I recently started up my bike up after about a month or so of sitting and had it running around the yard for a couple laps then put it away. I noticed the powervalve breather on the left side was dripping out a grey oil. It usually drips black. I heard of it happening ot other guys, but dont remember what they said it was. The triangle stand goes on the left side and the bike leans that way and maybe the grey oil came from the powervalve or something. If anyone knows anything id appreciate it. thanks dave :cry:

02 yz250

98 yz125

01 xr 80r

83 yt 175 tri moto

My 250s do the same thing and always have. I've always believe its just a little moisture mixed in with the oil. I've never had issues with a motor.

Yep, same thing with my o2 YZ250. Condensation + oil = grey goop.

thanks i was just wondering what it was. Now on my last ride around the yard the shock seal gave out. great. Gotts go fix that now. lol

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