Motocross style front end-XR 650L

I was wondering if there is a better set of forks for the Xr650 L. I would like to add a set of Motocross style forks to it. I dont like the over hang on the bottom of the forks and I would like to have them stiffer for jumping it. Also a stiffer rear spring would help.

If anyone has done this please chime in. Thanks


Buy a set of forks off of ebay w/ the triple clamps for a cr 250 or crf. Have the stem pressed out and put the stem for an XR650 back in its place, or turn one down out of a piece of round stock!

Thanks. What do you mean when you say "STEM". I have a press.

The stem is the steel rod that holds the triple clamps in the head bearings. I would try to find an existing one as it sees alot of stress and wouldnt want to risk breaking a home made one. It would be cheaper and easier to just swap stock parts. If you get one made, you'll probably want it out of chromemoly.

One to think about is that upsidedown forks like CR forks are very stiff, much stiffer than the stock forks. This causes a lot more stress to be transfered into the the front of the frame, which the xr's frame wasn't designed for. Maybe try a set of XR650R forks, they are much better than the L forks but not as stiff as CR forks. Very little overhang below the axel and larger diameter legs.

That might be an idea. How similar are the frontends on the L and R model?

I have an R, I don't have an L to compare it to. THe frames are very different but most fork swaps seem to be fairly straight forward. Usually either modifying the stock stem to fit the forks or having a new one machined to fit the L frame and the R fork.

Wont the XR400 forks fit right into the clamps? I think they are both 43mm, the 400 has a lot less overhang, and you should be able to get them as stiff as you could possibly need with springs, a revalve, and one of those fork braces if necessary. I think custom machining a stem on top of new forks and triple clamps could get way more expensive than the pay off on modding that bike. The forks that are on it are off of older CR250s/500s.....with mods, they should be able to jump just fine within reason and definitely within the structural limits of that frame.

Before you spend all that money on forks checkout an 01 or 02 yz 426 you can get them pretty cheap $2000-$2500 around here(Alabama) and they are great jumpers then you will have 2 nice Thumpers.

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