My XR600 supermotard

What back fender is that?

What forks are they?

WOW thats a very very nice xr600 motard :cry::cry::cry::cry:

Goodjob Joris :cry:

What back fender is that?

What forks are they?

Those look like the stock forks just without the fork boots.

the back fender of a crf450 modified and idd the stock forks

greetz Joris

Will that style tank and shroud fit on a XR 650L?

As I can see has the xr650 l the same frame, it should fit. but if you want to know for sure.... ask XRMANU :cry:


What is the tank and shrouds off of?????????????? :cry:

Only bad thing is if you wanna go long distance the tank only holds 2 gallons. :cry:

Thanks for the link. LOOKS AWESOME!!!!

$500.00 is alittle steep in my opinion though.

Yeah 500.00 is quite expensive Icant see wasting my money on somthing like that when I can get a pumper carb for around the same amount. :cry: Also I really like the long range of my 4.7 gallon tank.

Nice Motard Joris.......................


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