Time for New Clutch?

I have about 1700 miles on my 04 WR450F and I sense the clutch starting to go. :cry: I have experience replacing the clutch on several other bikes over the years. (Two and Four Strokes) Is there anything out of the ordinary or a trick to this bike that is different than a standard clutch replacement?

Man what kind of riding are you doing? :cry: The WR450 clutch should last 10,000. miles of average riding! :cry: I just replaced mine with new plates, springs and Hinson baskets after 11,000. plus miles. :cry:

I've replaced the clutch in my WR 400 a few times and I don't imagine it would be much different. You don't even have to drain the oil, just lean the bike over on it's side and pop the round clutch cover off. There are 5 bolts that hold the clutch springs, pop 'em off with a 10 mm socket. Then you can slide the pressure plate off and pull the plates out.

The only difference between my WR and other bikes I've worked on is there is a thin fiber plate that goes in last, and you have to line up the arrow on the pressure plate with the mark on the basket or it won't drop all the way down. Replacing the springs is easy too since the bolts are long enough that you don't have to jam down on the spring to catch the threads.

Lying the bike on it's side you can change the clutch in 10 minutes no sweat, unless you have to scrape the gasket off. I always oil my new gaskets before I install them. This usually keeps them from sticking and they haven't leaked yet. I used to only oil one side so the entire gasket would stick to one side, but I'd still have to scrape some to install a new one. They usually pull right off with both sides oiled.

You might want to check the basket fingers for notching. I installed a new clutch in a lightly notched basket and shattered 2 fiber plates the first day. I replaced them with used and shattered another plate. I took out the basket, lightly filed the fingers fairly smooth haven't shattered a plate since.

I broke my basket and just installed a Hinson basket on the weekend so i shouldn't have to worry about notching for a while.

One quick note - When my basket broke it popped a small hole through my clutch cover. I fixed it with JB weld and made it a bit thicker for some extra strength. Even though it wasn't very thick the cover wouldn't fit over the clutch pack. I guess there's not much clearance. I had to grind most of the JB weld away to allow the cover to fit properly.

Thanks for the info. :cry: I just got back from a trip near Barstow, CA and I finished the clutch off. I am going to replace it this week.

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