Best Price on a GPR with Clamp

I believe I will need a new top triple clamp to install a GPR so I am looking for the best price anyone has found for a 05 WR450.

Thanks for the help.


Go straight through to GPR, don't waste time with a shop. The cost may be the same as a good internet shop but you'll get it in a week or less!

I installed one on Renthal desert bend bars, and yes you can get them to fit under a crossbar if thats your long as you don't have some little-teeny height.

Dad, you won't need to buy a topclamp if you're sticking with your stock Renthals.. The only time you'll need to get a TC is when you switch to 1 1/8 (fatbar standard). If you want to simply add a stabilizer you'll need a new bar clamp that has holes for the stabilizer to mount.


I just put a GPR on my '05. It will fit with stock Renthals. They had to tweak the crossbar a little and change the clamps but those come with the stabilizer. If you switch bars, you'll have to change the triple clamp. :cry:

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