Fuel tank breather?


I've noticed some of you guys have cut down the breather pipe and put some type of valve on the end, that looks so much neater. Do most MX shops sell these, or are they a custom thing from a specialist?


I've seen them in most every shop, at least in the US. You can also get them online at motosport or storm cycles. Might also check TT store, I bet they have them.

I use the Tusk valve but you better buy a small clamp cause it can blow off a hundred feet in the air during a crash! :cry: I went thru 2 before I figurered it out. :cry:

what is the purpose of these valves, versus the stock hose? it seems on mine you have to pinch it to let the vacuum out of the tank??

They look cool. I used one for a short time and did not like it. The three I have been around all leaked. It was not much of an issue unless the tank was completly full, bu tstill a pain. I removed mine and went back to stock for one reason. The stock line holds the gas cap in place and will not let it fall off the bike while your filling the tank. The small breather does not. I did not like looking for a place to wash the dirt off of the fuel cap.

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