Tire machine.

Does anyone know of a manual tire changing machine (possibly like the one you had in high school autoshop) that is in production or if any one has one that is for sale?


There are several after-market versions, from stand alones to models that attach to your hitch receiver. They merely hold the tire for you while you wrestle with it. ZipTy makes one (www.ziptyracing.com), I forget who makes the other models. I assume you mean for bike tires?

If you mean for auto tires, check out harbor freight tools. They have the real deal tire changers for just over $1000. Tire balancers for about the same if I remember correctly. I would have a set of those if only I had more than a one car garage! Wait, harbor freight (http://www.harborfreight.com/) has a few manual units. Just browse to the address above, and do a keyword search for "tire changer". You'll see the full deals, and some $50 manual deals. Hope this helps!

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