Which clutch perch?

Been looking for one with thumb hotstart, asv and works connection are too pricey. Saw that a certain clutch perch from pit posse on ebay going at more reasonable price and selling quite well. Anyone who bought one of those have any comments at that? :cry:

Save up for the asv u will be happy u did best 150 i ever spent on my bike

i am wondering the same thing, has anyone used the pit posse stuff. how is it.

I've seen the Pit Posse auctions as well. I suspect they are selling the Longhorn set up from Rocky Mountain. Identical to my Works Connection Pro Perch other than a cheaper clutch lever. Buy it from their source and save some money. Order a Honda one if you want red.

I believe Sunline and Works Connection make a thumb hotstart lever that replaces the back clamp of your front brake perch which attaches to the perch.There is also a GYTR product that does the same which you can buy for under $30.That is the way I'm going to go.I want to get the hotstart away from the left side of my bars,besides,then you can buy a plain old AOF perch if you want to replace the stock one for a lot less money.

A 'lot less' than $30?

I meant a lot less than $189 that you'll pay for a good aftermarket AOF perch with hotstart.

I have the 5 series perch with hot start lever (CLM05) from ASV that I got for $48.96 shipped!!! off of E-Bay. They are factory referbished and come with a warranty. The seller name is asvinventions. The only thing it doesn't have is the name written across the front of the lever like it did the first time it left the factory. I use the hot start lever for the compression release.

How much cheaper do you want?

I have already bought three different ASV lever sets for our bikes from the same guy on EBay. You can pick up the pro models for around $30 to $40. Mine have the name on both sides of the lever and look just like brand new. Just bought a brake lever tonight. Usually takes about 5 days to get it.

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