nx650 decompressor cam

Hey folks,

I have a '89 NX650 with 32k miles that has become hard to start. The starter, battery & connections are all ok. Once started, the bike runs great. I figured the auto decompressor is faulty so I removed the camshaft to take a look. This was the first time I ever opened the top of this (or any similar) bike. The decompressor clutch looks fine - it rotates in one direction only . I don't know what to make of the decompressor cam though. It doesn't rotate on the shaft but can definitely move around a bit. And its not spring loaded the way the manual shows it should be (or I guess it should be - its not very clear if the spring bears against the cam). To top it off, I am having the hardest time removing the end collar that keeps all these parts together. It won't budge. I guess a big press is needed to push it off. I tried a pulley remover, a little heat and a dead blow hammer with zero results.

Should the decompressor cam be spring loaded?

I'm torn between buying an hydraulic press to dig into this one or getting a new camshaft assembly.



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